CSR Minisprint/Midget Radiator.
Angle mount radiator to take in air, out of the way of rocks and heavy clay.

  Minisprint Wing Mounting kits.
Standard Wing mount kit, Quick Adjustable mounts for horizontal and vertical wing angles for a changing race track. Click here to see adjustments.

  CSR Steering Wheel
Will fit most set ups, super light and super strong.

    Front Ends
Full front ends for Midgets, TQ's & Minisprints. Just as a front beam or the full front end.

    Radius Rods & Rod Ends
A full range of Radius Roads in different sizes and a selection of different thicknesses. Rod Ends in any size for anything you will ever need, Steel & Aluminium.

Full shock packages available. Also full rebuilding and dynoing.

Full driveline setups available. Everything you will ever need to get your power from your powerhouse to the dirt!

Front and Rear Axles, made for any sort of set up, TQ's, Midgets Minisprints and more